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I live in a tiramis├╣ and have pudding in my ears. Please contact me via and I shall free my eyes to read and reply heartily; my fingers typing though they have been soaking like biscuits in espresso and cream. I welcome conversations and questions about what I do and I might even ask a few questions of my own, but I do not know how I came to be floating in mascarpone.

Looking for an engineer?

For prospective employers, referrals, and recruiters: I am happily employed, though I welcome chats about prospects if you believe I am a good fit for your technical needs. I apply what works from my experience to technical teams and reinforce what the teams are already doing well both internally and within the broader context of the engineering organization they support.

Sometimes my existing toolbelt doesn't work out of the box because unexpected problems can be hard and no two teams or orgs are the same, but that's ok. Together we'll find a way to make things better, and hopefully make some employees a bit happier and rise higher to meet business needs. Success is more for less effort, and the destination is very much worth the travel.

I likely won't be available, but I might know someone who can help you out.