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Reasons why my website is offline

My website is hosted from a 2007 HP Pavilion tower that my best friend, Vlad, a privacy buff and low-key minimalist, found next to the garbage chute at his condo building.


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Redoing my website with Haskell and Hakyll

I’m picking up a COVID project: Redoing my website!

My website prior to 2021 was authored using octopress or jekyll. Truthfully I don’t remember which as I haven’t touched my website in quite a few years. I want to update my homepage and I’m in a bind because I don’t know how to produce a build after I make changes.


Promoting changes with App-Config-App

The App-Config-App now lets you promote changes between environments!


App-Config-App in Action

Paul Hammant found this cool Server-Side Piano and I’ve modified it to be configurable from a running App-Config-App. Because the sound is generated at the server, you’re able to see (hear) the Server-Side Piano change its configuration without reloading the UI.


SCM-Backed Application Configuration with Perforce

Continuing from my last post, I’ve forked Paul Hammant’s original App-Config-App and modified it to work against Perforce. I’ve decided not to continue using Perforce Chronicle as it is primarily intended for content management.


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